Cancer Patient

A couple of years ago I was given the diagnosis of invasive cancer with major surgery needed with chemotherapy. Then less than a year ago, I was in

Type 1 Diabetes Patient

A young uninsured, unemployed man in his 20’s with Type 1 diabetes presented himself at one of the emergency departments (ED). He was out of insulin.

Asthma Patient

A patient arrived to his appointment with the PDAN Coordinator toting a large oxygen tank. He confided to the coordinator that he had been tapering

Schizophrenia Patient

A patient with a diagnosis of acute paranoid schizophrenia was referred to PDAN while an involuntary psychiatric inpatient. One of the conditions for

Alzheimer’s Patient

A 56 year old patient with advanced Alzheimer’s and her husband came to PDAN for help as the co-pay for her medication was too expensive. The husband

Bipolar Disorder Patient

A young, single working mom with the diagnosis of bi-polar disorder was court ordered to be compliant with taking her medications or risk
going to

Video: “A firsthand perspective on how the Prescription Drug Assistance Foundation helped me personally.”

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