Cancer Patient

“A couple of years ago I was given the diagnosis of invasive cancer with major surgery needed with chemotherapy. Then less than a year ago, I was in intensive care with a blood sugar of 1,325 and for the first time in my life became a ‘confused old lady’. What a shock- I’d always been in control of my life. I’d been a nurse for 30 years so I knew things like this happened, but certainly not to me.

I was getting on top of the situation and then I reached the donut hole portion of my Medicare drug coverage. My $3.75 cancer drug all of a sudden became $215.00 per month. My insulin became $97.00 per vial and my asthma medications were now beyond my reach financially.

I inquired at a senior organization and they told me about Prescription Drug Assistance Network. This very kind and positive attitude lady said, “maybe I can help you”. She helped me fill out the correct paperwork which isn’t easy because different drug companies have different requirements for assistance. I am now starting to receive assistance from these companies. I’m very glad the Prescription Drug Assistance Network was there to help me and am thankful for their help”.

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